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Work Your Hive™ - VIP Day

I need a networking follow-up system.
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Work Your Hive™ - Mastermind

I need support to have more effective networking conversations.
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Work Your Hive™ VIP Day

The Work Your Hive™ – VIP Day service is a one-on-one intensive designed to optimize your networking strategy and follow-up activities.

Sound familiar?

  • You’ve made some great connections in your business, but your follow-up is awful. Weeks may go by after a conversation, and you forget to send them the information you promised.
  • You’re using a system to keep track of your networking calls and events, but it seems like your system is getting away from you. You’re trying to delegate more to your team, but managing your networking CRM system and follow-up becomes more disorganized.

Networking is a powerful tool to grow your business. But without an aligned networking strategy and follow-up workflow, the effectiveness of the relationships you build will go by the wayside.

You need the tools and resources to efficiently track, follow up, and evaluate your network so you can make your network work for you.

This VIP Day service is a great place to start if you:

For service-based women business owners, my 6-hour VIP Day service will:

How it works...

This service will audit your networking strategy and activities to understand your business development goals. We will review the audit, develop/optimize your current networking tracking/CRM system, and develop custom follow-up workflows — with automation and delegation strategies — for your post-networking events and conversations. We will offer implementation support to ensure your systems and workflows are aligned so you are gaining momentum towards your goals.

What's Included?

Work Your Hive™ Mastermind

The Work Your Hive™ Mastermind is a group coaching program that equips entrepreneurs and small business owners with messaging and conversational skills to become more effective networkers.

Sound familiar?

  • When you started your business, you were advised to network. You’ve met many people and spent money on networking events and groups. You’ve gotten some leads and clients but nowhere near the amount you want.
  • You network all the time, but it feels like you’re just meeting to meet. The introductions you’ve been getting are not stellar. You’re not gaining any momentum beyond the first introduction call.
  • You have an elevator pitch, but no matter how much you repeat or rephrase it, you get blank stares. People can’t understand what you do or how they can help you grow your business.
  • When someone asks how they can help you, you get nervous, freeze, or make up something that sounds close to what you want. You wish you had more confidence to ask for what you need.
  • You’ve tried collaborating, but the relationship produces no leads, no clients, no revenue, and limited brand exposure. You want to find the right partners to help you accelerate your business growth and brand.

Networking is an incredible marketing, sales, and business development channel to enhance the growth of your business and can lead to more qualified leads and opportunities.

The Work Your Hive™ Mastermind uses the Networking NOVA Framework™ to equip you with the conversational skills to gain momentum to move your business forward. 

This Mastermind is a great place to start if you’re:

This Mastermind is not a great fit if:

Apply Now - July 2024 Cohort is Open!

  1. This is a 6-month commitment. The mastermind will run from July 2024 to December 2024.
  2. We are receiving applications for our Early Stage Entrepreneur/Small Business Owner track.
  3. You must be in business either part-time or full-time for less than 2 years.
  4. To ensure the effectiveness of our program, our cohort size is limited to 10 individuals.
  5. Each cohort member will receive a 1:1 strategy call with Anitra at the beginning and closing of the program.
  6. The cohort will meet for a monthly group coaching call for 90 minutes, every third Friday of the month, from 10-11:30 a.m., except in December 2024.
  7. In between our meetings, cohort members will have access to our learning portal and a private Slack channel.
  8. Cohort members who would like to receive additional support through the 6-month period may invest in our Voxer Officer Hours or our VIP plan.
  1. Apply – Complete our Mastermind Application to be considered for our program. Application Deadline is June 24, 2024.
  2. Interview – After your application is reviewed and if we believe you would be a good fit for the program, you will be contacted to schedule a 15-minute interview.
  3. You’re In! – We’ve considered your application and interview, and you’re in! We can’t wait to support you to gain the tools to effectively network to grow your business and brand.
  • Starter Member – $1,200 in full or $225 per month
    • Includes Monthly Cohort Coaching Sessions, Access to our Learning Portal, and a Private Slack Channel
  • VIP Member – $1,500 in full or $275 per month
    • Includes Monthly Cohort Coaching Sessions, Monthly 1:1 Strategy Coaching Sessions, Access to our Learning Portal, and a Private Slack Channel
  • Optional  Weekly Ofice Hours via Voxer – one day a week access to Anitra to receive feedback and advice, $95 a month

Kind words from our clients

"I network all the time and I didn’t think you needed to have a strategy for networking, but Anitra definitely proved me wrong! I learned it’s about being more intentional. I love that I now have the strategies so when I walk into any networking event or any event, I know exactly what my goals are and who I need to talk to for lead generation to get new clients, for brand awareness, and for speaking opportunities. I feel more empowered to have better conversations with those I’m networking with and that’s really important to me. I also understand what questions I need to ask to know if someone is a good partner and have answers so when people ask me about who they can refer to me, I know what information to provide them."
Yaa Astar
Astar Coaching Services
"After speaking with Anitra and letting her know that I am quite experienced with networking, she still managed to provide me with some valuable insights. We identified a key factor that will elevate my networking efforts and ensure I am getting in front of the right people. I have been in business for about 12 years and appreciated the perspective on making some small tweaks. Whether you are first starting, or have been in business for years, I believe Anitra can be helpful to all."
Chole Johnston
Chloe Johnston Experiences