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About Anitra Deen Consulting

Our vision

Women entrepreneurs are equipped to cement their legacy and to focus on their priorities in life and business.

Our mission

Anitra Deen Consulting supports women entrepreneurs to prioritize, delegate, and plan their goals, so they can execute their vision.

Our values

About our Founder/CEO

Anitra Deen is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Anitra Deen Consulting. With over 10 years of experience working in administrative and managerial roles in various industries, including higher education, retail, and nonprofits, she works with women entrepreneurs to help them establish longevity in their businesses so they can make lasting impacts in their industries, communities, and families.

As a business growth strategist, and operations consultant, Anitra equips her clients with profitable and purpose-driven business models so they can operationalize their vision. She serves her clients as a fractional COO and business development advisor to organize their networking, infrastructure, plans, and processes for their business growth and provides them with custom solutions, strategies, and tools to cement their legacy.

Anitra takes a process-oriented approach that emphasizes analytical thinking, attention to detail, and quality service. Her clients value her infectious enthusiasm and ability to organize thoughts and simplify complex problems so they can make informed, confident, and strategic decisions in their businesses.

She believes that an entrepreneurial journey does not happen in a vacuum, and you can’t do it alone. She’s on a mission to support women entrepreneurs and small business owners and help them move from being stuck and disorganized to having the clarity, structure, and momentum to take that next step.

Anitra is a graduate of Mercer University with a Bachelor of Business Administration and James Madison University with a Master of Education. She’s currently writing her first book, “Organize Your Ducks: Strategies to Establish Longevity In Your Business,” which will be published in 2025.

Anitra is a wife, dog mom, avid foodie, and reader. Outside of her advisory and consulting work, you can find her scrolling Pinterest for new recipes or planning her next travel destination.